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Complete Locksmith Services in Dublin

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Have you ever found yourself locked out of your home or office? Perhaps your keys slipped right between the seats and were locked in the car. Residents of Dublin may not have caped crusaders, but they have their own kind of heroes— including Locksmiths in Dublin.

The team here at Locksmith on Wheels is proud to offer our spectacular services to Dublin and the surrounding area. Our security experts can help with anything from upgrading your locks to the latest in high-security keypad entry to repairing damaged locks. And, yes, getting you out of a pickle and into your car.

Residential and Commercial Locksmith Services

Our professionals are trained on a broad range of locking mechanisms, from traditional to technologically advanced smart locks. Know that when you call us we’ll come prepared to tackle any issue in both commercial and residential spaces. 

If you need to secure an employees-only area, we can do that. Want to keep the ex out of your space? We’ll set you up with an entirely new set of locks and keys.

Our services are divided between two into two main modalities: in-store and mobile.

Our standard services involve improving your security, upgrades and repairs, lock replacement, and more. “On the Go” refers to our mobile locksmiths who are ready to help you out in a pinch. Whatever your needs, we’ve got you covered.

New Lock Installation

Your home or business is valuable; that’s why our pros at Locksmith on Wheels are fully trained in lock installation for several styles of locks. Not sure what locks to get? We can walk you through the options, discussing the advantages and disadvantages of each; we can even make recommendations based on your needs. The better the lock, the more secure your home or business.

Once you’ve chosen a lock, our experts will begin the installation. The duration of our work will vary based on the lock of choice; if you need to work on a timeline, be sure and let our team know! We’ll work to find a lock that fits your needs: performance, aesthetic, budgetary, and time!

Updating Locks

We recommend that locks be changed when you’ve moved into a new property, if a key has been lost or vanished with an old acquaintance, or as part of enhancing your overall security. Each of these helps ensure the security of your home or business, protecting you from the unknown variables in life.

Although old locks can be repaired or refurbished, oftentimes it makes better sense to invest in an updated mechanism. New locks can improve security, offer better accessibility, and even enhance the design of your home or office doors. 

We don’t just offer the standard knob and deadbolt, after all! Some of the upgrade options you can consider fall under the high-security and bump-proof categories.

  • High-Security

These provide increased resistance to compromise or sabotage. They can include locks like keypad entries. Don’t be fooled, though! Many locks will use the buzzword ‘high security,’ but only those with an appropriate security rating or which have been extensively studied and tested by experts in the field actually live up to the term.

  • Bump-Proof

When someone ‘bumps’ a lock, they are using an age-old technique to access your home. Anyone with the right tools and an internet connection can learn how. Bumping forces the pins in your lock to jump to the proper formation, or shear line, regardless of what’s inserted in the keyhole.

Bump-proof locks are specially designed not to react to this technique. Some contain special pins to prevent ‘bumping’ from working, while others use an entirely different entrance method.

Key Duplication

Life is full of surprises, many of which may require you do have duplicate keys on hand. 

Perhaps your family has grown (congratulations!) and more people need access. Or maybe you bought a new place and just replaced the locks, only to find out they only gave you a single key. Perhaps you’ve brought in a new employee to help manage extra shifts, and they need building access when you aren’t around. Maybe an old key snapped off in the lock.

Whatever the reason, our experts can quickly and easily craft an extra copy of your key. 

Repairing Locks

Locks can wear down over time, causing mechanical failure and making getting in and out of your residence or business difficult, not to mention less secure. 

Perhaps they were exposed to sudden pressure changes; maybe wear and tear has loosened inner components. For these reasons and more, locks occasionally need to be maintained or repaired in order to keep them performing optimally.

If your lock has been giving you problems, give our team a call! We’ll send one of our expert dublin locksmiths out to take a look, and will let you know if the lock is worth repairing or if you should consider a replacement.

Repairs can involve anything from readjusting the strike plate to replacing an interior component. Please know that we won’t be able to diagnose a lock over the phone. We can give an educated guess, but our technician needs to get his hands on the lock and work with it to properly deduce what is wrong.

Rekey Locks and Cylinders

If it’s time to change your locks but you want to maintain the same design and style, rekeying may be a good option. With this service, our professionals take your lock off the door and change the internal mechanisms so that a new key is needed to access your home or business.

Rekeying is also a safe way to change locks and keys for a vehicle.

Many of our clients ask if it’s best to rekey or replace a lock, and the answer is always the same: we have to judge on a case-by-case basis. When it comes to securing your property, we need all the information and a good look at the area being secured to make the best possible suggestions.

Our Promise

When you trust Locksmith on Wheels with your security, we guarantee three things:

  1. Licensed and Experienced Locksmith
  2. Enhanced Security that You, Your Family, or Your Business Can Rely On
  3. Responsive and Reliable Service You Can Trust

As our customer, your safety and security is our top priority. We’re a licensed locksmith in Dublin with the California State Licensing Board, meaning our knowledge, craft, and service are state-approved. Our friendly staff are proud to offer dedicated, superior customer service and care.

Are you ready to secure your Dublin property today?

Give us a call at 925-239-4250, and we’ll connect you with a locksmith expert to get started.