8 Reasons That You Should Replace Your Lock

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8 Reasons That You Should Replace Your Lock Your lock is the first line of defense you have to protect your home, business, assets, belongings, and most importantly, your loved ones. The right lock can improve accessibility, increase security, deter would-be criminals, and provide peace of mind. But there are times when you need to

Questions You Should Be Asking to Your Locksmith

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8 Key Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a Locksmith When it comes to the protection of your home, business, and even your vehicle, it’s important you find a licensed locksmith with a proven track record of satisfied customers and excellent service.  When your locks require maintenance or changing, you’re going to want the expertise

The Benefits of Smart Locks for Your Home and Office

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According to the FBI, there were an estimated 1.4 million burglaries and break-ins in 2017, with similar numbers in the following years. For those of you good at math, that comes out to almost three burglaries/break-ins every single minute in the USA. This makes break-ins the second most frequently occurring crime (losing out only

How to Choose the Best Locksmith Near Your Location

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From lock mechanism failures to lost keys and break-ins, professional locksmiths provide an array of services dedicated to helping customers with their lock and security needs. But how should you choose the best locksmith near your location? No doubt there are plenty of businesses to choose from, making it difficult to quickly assess which

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