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What is Bluetooth Access Control (BAC)?

Bluetooth Access Control is a smart version of traditional access control systems that uses the Bluetooth frequency range in order to let devices like mobile phones and readers communicate with each other. Why?

Because when you own a business, building, apartment complex, or even a large home, it’s important to have the most sophisticated access control system on the market. For example, when you hire Locksmith On Wheels to install a state-of-the-art BAC system in a small office building, all your employees can use Bluetooth door access, via their personal smartphones, at every controlled entrance.

Each entry can easily be equipped with a Bluetooth security system reading device so that every person who attempts to get in will need to have the correct code within their phone’s app.

What is Bluetooth Access Control?

How Does BAC Work?

Bluetooth access control systems use low-voltage electrical devices, which include a reader posted at or near entry points, with which people interact. Anyone who wants to gain entry to the facility must have a device (typically a smartphone) that is pre-loaded with either a special Bluetooth-enabled app or a stand-alone security key that the reader can recognize.

When the person attempting entry comes within several yards of the Bluetooth-enabled reader device, all they have to do is open the app on their smartphone and swipe to open the door or gate. It’s also possible to use a key-fob paired with the BAC. Because modern Bluetooth door access systems use something called BLE (Bluetooth low-energy) device readers can run on small batteries for months or even years at a time.

The advent of this kind of security in offices, government facilities, homes, and apartment building access control systems means that owners need not use old-fashioned card-access systems. Cards can get lost, damaged, or transferred from person to person.

That’s not the case with a Bluetooth security system because each employee or resident must use their own phone or a key fob. Additionally, owners can change access codes at any time to delete or add names of individuals to an approved list of allowable entrants. Locksmith On Wheels can install or repair any of the Bluetooth access control products and systems in current production, whether on small office structures, large corporate facilities, or private property.

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What Are the Advantages Of Using Bluetooth With Access Control?

There are multiple advantages of BAC systems, as well as for related apartment building access control systems that use Bluetooth technology. Here are a few:

  • Owners can save even more money when employees and others use smartphones as access devices. That means no expense of providing users with fobs or RFID cards.
  • The systems are very low-energy, whether connected to a grid electrical system or operating on small, long-life batteries.
  • Unlike an RFID system, BAC systems use very little energy.
  • Owners can adjust the range from which the reading device can recognize users’ devices, setting them to work from one inch up to about 16 feet.
Advantages of Bluetooth Access Control

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