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What Is a Perimeter Security System?

Perimeter security systems come in a variety of forms, from very simple setups for private residences and small businesses, to highly complex arrangements for large industrial facilities and massive office parks.

Some of the common components of most of these security solutions include perimeter sensors, motion detectors, a traditional perimeter alarm system (wired), or a wireless perimeter alarm system.

The best perimeter security systems are able to detect intruders before they reach the main building, include the entire perimeter with zero gaps or “blind spots,” includes security solutions (like motion detectors or perimeter sensors) that are hidden from plain view, are resistant to electromagnetic hacking, and don’t sound “false alarms” when non-intruder traffic passes by.

One of the main benefits of using perimeter security systems, particularly those offered by Locksmiths On Wheels, is that they provide property owners a highly adaptable way to configure a perimeter alarm system that suits their needs, based on the size of the facility and the amount of money they wish to devote to security solutions in general.

Perimeter Security Systems

The Different Types of Perimeter Security Systems

No matter which kind of protection you need, Locksmith On Wheels can get you up to speed with the exact level of security you desire. For example, a wireless perimeter alarm system is one of the “invisible” options for property owners who want a sophisticated, reliable way of signaling the presence of intruders.

A wired perimeter alarm system also does a good job and can be combined with any number of other components, like motion detectors, sensor lights combined with CCTV that come on when a human being approaches, alarms that sound when motion is detected, access (also called entry/exit point) systems, fiber-optic perimeter security devices, electrified fences, and radar-based systems.

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Benefits Of Having a Perimeter Security System

There are multiple benefits of any perimeter security system, regardless of the kind you want Locksmith On Wheels technicians to install for you. Virtually all perimeter sensors, whether CCTV-equipped, wired, fiber-optic, or even standard wireless perimeter

alarm system, deliver a common set of benefits, including the following:

  • Immediate detection of unwanted personnel in the area
  • Cost-effective protection for valuable assets
  • Personal safety of those on the property
  • Many insurance carriers offer significant discounts on policies when you can verify that your property is protected by a perimeter security system
  • Systems that are adaptable to any level of security need or budget
  • Protection that can be expanded at any time with additional components
  • All-around safety applications that are user-friendly and easy to turn on and off
  • The ability to include a deterrent component in the form of audio alarms, bright lights, recorded warning announcements, and more
  • Simple connection to CCTV so the owner has video proof of an intrusion
Perimeter Security Systems In California

Why Choose Locksmith On Wheels?

At Locksmith On Wheels, we believe in offering a full menu of security and locksmith services to our customers, and doing so at an affordable price. Plus, our technicians are extensively trained, fully licensed, bonded, and background-checked for your peace of mind. When you hire Locksmith On Wheels to install your security system, our expert crews arrive on time and ready to work.

We believe so firmly in what we do that we offer every customer an iron-clad warranty on every job, no matter how small or large. For our California clients, both individuals and businesses, our service area covers a huge geographic area, and includes the communities of Walnut Creek, Albany, Pleasanton, Berkeley, San Francisco, Danville, San Ramon, Livermore, and dozens of surrounding areas.

There’s really no reason to put your assets, property, or personal safety in jeopardy. Locksmith On Wheels offers a multitude of security and protective solutions for small and large businesses, individuals, government agencies, schools, municipal entities, and anyone else who feels the time has come to keep intruders away from their private property and valuable assets.

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