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Lost keys make you nervous that someone who shouldn’t might access your property. A residential locksmith can rekey your locks or replace them. Living without a security system can make you nervous, too. A residential or commercial locksmith can install cameras at your home or business. We help you feel secure, talking with you to find out what worries you and then working out a solution to each issue that you bring up.

Issues with your car and its keys can make you late to pick up your child from school, keep you from getting to work on time, or simply cause frustration when you are running errands. We are a locksmith in Asco that steps in when your key fob isn’t working to get your car unlocked or your key won’t turn in the ignition.


Mobile locksmith van in Concord

Residential Locksmith Services for Your Home

Moving into a new house can make you nervous as you think about all who might have keys to the front door. We provide you with options to secure your new place, including the option to install a smart lock. We can unlock door when you find yourself locked out or handle a lock repair when someone has messed up your lock. Whatever you need to both feel safe in your Asco home and also be able to easily get inside the place, trust us to help.

Residential Locksmith Services for Your Home in Asco, CA
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Locked out of your house? We will get you back in without damaging your lock*

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Quality Car Locksmith Services at All Hours

Your car keys don’t only get worn as you stick them into the ignition but they can start to wear out from getting carried around in your pocket or purse, as well. Our mobile locksmith provides car key replacement and key fob replacement services so that you can have a fresh set of keys in hand. Our car locksmith also creates duplicate keys when you simply want to have extras around.

Automotive Locksmith Service in Asco

Commercial Locksmith Help Appropriate for Your Business

Security is a must if you want to run your business successfully and protect your finances. Our Asco local locksmith team gets joy out of helping businesses stay secure. Whether you need to reprogram a safe or you would like to install a smart lock or security system, we provide professional services.

Emergency Locksmith Services Ready at All Hours

Being out in the middle of the night can be scary but there are times when your job or personal life require you to do that. When you are out late and you lock your keys into your vehicle, you start to panic. Our mobile locksmith in Asco is the answer if you are unable to get into your vehicle, no matter the time. We make life a little less scary by delivering emergency locksmith help.

Why the Locksmith on Wheels Team is Right for Your Asco Local Locksmith Needs

We have a trained team of local individuals ready to serve you at all hours, easing your concerns and making sure that you have a way into your vehicle or home. We keep costs fair and give answers when you have questions. Whether you need a car key replacement or a lock replacement for your office’s door, we send a knowledgeable and courteous team to help you.

Because it is important to us that we please people like you, expect us to spend the right amount of time working on your security camera or lock replacement project. We will be efficient with our work but we will not hurry through it. Contact us when you need a locksmith in Asco.

Our technicians are well trained and that provides them with the ability to effectively program your key fob and rekey your locks.

From key fob replacement work to getting you inside when you have lost your keys, our licensed team knows what needs to be done to meet your automotive, residential, and commercial needs.From key fob replacement work to getting you inside when you have lost your keys, our licensed team knows what needs to be done to meet your automotive, residential, and commercial needs.

Frequently Asked

How much does a local locksmith cost?

The costs you pay will differ depending on the project and how complicated it is. We keep our prices fair and you can learn more about what your costs may be by calling us.

Can a locksmith unlock a smart lock?

A specially trained locksmith can work a smart lock and get it open. Contact us and we will see if we can either take on your project or point you toward the help that you need.

Can a locksmith get in without a key?

Yes, we can get inside a vehicle or home without a key. We have special tools and the right training to carefully pick a lock and open a door.

What is the cheapest way to change locks on a house?

One option is to rekey the locks that are in place. We can handle that work for you or we can recommend a low priced option for replacing the entire doorknob.

A locksmith in Asco can get you inside a home or vehicle if you don’t have your keys on you and provide you with services to secure a home or business.

Our Expertise

Home lockout help in Castro Valley

There is very little that is more troubling than realizing your house keys are on the wrong side of a locked door. When it happens, you want a top professional Albany locksmith service provider ready to answer your call.

Lock change

Time is not a friend to locks. Eventually, locks get old, broken, or worn out. When it happens, you need assurance you can get your locks changed quickly, efficiently, and at a price you can afford.

Re-keying locks

In most cases, rekeying locks is cheaper than changing locks. However, it’s a more complicated process that takes a high level of expertise, which you get with us.

Lock repair service

Your locks won’t keep you safe if they are not working properly. Should anything go wrong, you will need a reliable Pleasanton locksmith technician who can fix things up quickly.

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