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Locksmith in Alamo – Where You Can Go

It’s very difficult to be a jack of all trades. When things go wrong with locks or keys, very few people have the knowledge or tools needed to deal with such issues. That’s understandable given how infrequently suck knowledge is needed.

However, there may come a time when you get locked out of your house or car because you lost your keys. Do you know what to do about your locks if you feel they may have been compromised? What are your options if a lock breaks in the middle of the night and you can’t lock a door?

You don’t have to think long about what to do if a lock or key issue occurs. All you need to do is pick up the phone and call a professional mobile locksmith in Alamo like Locksmith on Wheels. We do have the knowledge to address such issues very quickly. We do have the tools. Most important, we want to be there to help you.


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About Our Services

We are proud to serve as a full-service locksmith in Alamo. We offer our complete menu of services for residential properties, commercial businesses, and via our roadside service for vehicles. We also offer emergency service replies where we aim to be at the customer’s location in 30 minutes or less. Here’s our service menu by category:

Locksmith  Services
House Locksmith in Concord

Locked out of your house? We will get you back in without damaging your lock*

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  • Lockout service – all types of residential properties
  • Rekey locks
  • Lock replacement and repair for doors and windows
  • Electronic home surveillance systems – install, repair, and maintain
  • Key cutting – duplicates and replacements
Residential Locksmith in Alamo


Commercial Locksmith in Alamo


  • Lockout service – unlock doors and trunks
  • Lock change and repair
  • Rekey locks
  • Electronic car surveillance systems – install, repair, and maintain
  • Install and repair ignition systems
  • Key cutting – duplicates and replacements (with or without original)
  • Fob device programming, repair, and replacement
Automotive Locksmith Service in Alamo

Why You Should Choose Locksmith on Wheels

Throughout the Central California region, we have built an amazing reputation for being one of the area’s top mobile locksmiths. We are very proud of that accomplishment.

We got to the pinnacle on the shoulders of a great team of locksmith technicians. They are licensed professionals who are truly dedicated to delivering quality customer service at every call. With a high level of expertise and training, there is no job they can’t handle quickly and efficiently.

When you call us, you get the help you need with no worries. In no time, we’ll resolve your issues and let you have back your peace of mind. Even better, we’ll do that at budget-friendly prices and always back our results with a terrific 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Why You Should Choose Locksmith on Wheels

And There’s More

Whether you locked keys in the car and need a car locksmith or simply need duplicate house keys, we are available 24/7/365. If you indicate it’s an emergency, you’ll be glad to know we always have a mobile locksmith who is able to respond in less than 30 minutes. No matter what you need, we’ll have you covered.

The next time you need a locksmith in Alamo, call Locksmith on Wheels. We are confident from that point forward that we will be your go-to option.

Frequently Asked

Will a locksmith be able to open a key lock?

Through years of training, our locksmiths have learned many creative ways to open a key lock. That includes picking the lock, resetting smart lock codes, and breaking locks when necessary.

Without the key, can a locksmith open a door?

It’s reasonable to assume that if you are locked out, the key is not available. They’ll be able to get the door open by either compromising the lock or finding another way in.

Can a locksmith open a jammed lock?

Yes. They have tools that can hopefully unjam it without causing damage. If necessary, they can break locks.

What to do if you lost a key to a lock?

If no key is available, proof of ID and asset ownership will be required before we can proceed. With the green light, we can get the door open and provide replacement keys.

Our Expertise

Home lockout help in Castro Valley

There is very little that is more troubling than realizing your house keys are on the wrong side of a locked door. When it happens, you want a top professional Albany locksmith service provider ready to answer your call.

Lock change

Time is not a friend to locks. Eventually, locks get old, broken, or worn out. When it happens, you need assurance you can get your locks changed quickly, efficiently, and at a price you can afford.

Re-keying locks

In most cases, rekeying locks is cheaper than changing locks. However, it’s a more complicated process that takes a high level of expertise, which you get with us.

Lock repair service

Your locks won’t keep you safe if they are not working properly. Should anything go wrong, you will need a reliable Pleasanton locksmith technician who can fix things up quickly.

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