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About Our Locksmith Services

If you think about it, not a day goes by that you don’t have to rely on your locks and keys to work as they should. When locking doors and windows, you are counting on them to keep you, your family, and your personal assets safe from criminals. When unlocking doors and windows, you are hoping to get unfettered access to your home, business, and or car without issues. But, if something goes wrong it is for the best to reach out to professional locksmith in Daly City.

What happens when your locks or keys fail in some way? Have you ever locked your keys on the wrong side of the door? What would happen if a lock or key was to break, leaving you unable to lock or unlock a door or window? As hard as you might try, there will come a time when you lose a key and leave yourself in a very tenuous situation that could expose you to danger.

When these kinds of things happen, you are almost assured it’s going to happen exactly when you can’t afford for it to happen. That will put you in a situation where you need a quick resolution. Since you will likely lack the tools and knowledge to address issues with your locks or keys, your best resource for help is going to be a professional locksmith.

If you live in Daly City and need a reliable Daly City locksmith, your first call should go to Locksmith On Wheels. We do have the tools and knowledge that are needed to resolve any issues that might arise because of locks and keys. Below, we want to share with you the kinds of locksmith services we have in our offering for you and the fine people of Daly City.

Mobile Daly City car locksmith

Locksmith on Wheels provides a full range of locksmith services from our fleet of mobile locksmith units.

Car keys locksmith Daly City

At Locksmith in Wheels, we treat every call for our services as though we are dealing with an emergency.

Car keys service in Daly City

We have the materials and tools to make care keys while you wait with or without the original car key.

Locksmith Daly City car keys copying

We have the capacity and resources to make as many car keys as you might need or request.

Locksmith Daly City car keys replacement

If you have lost car keys, we can provide car key replacement services in a matter of minutes.

Locksmith Daly City car unlock service

If you left keys in car, no problem. Our car unlock service will get your keys back in hand before you know it.

Locksmith on Wheels car keys replacement

Any brand or model of car

We provide all of our services for any make, model, and year of cars on the road today.

Problem entering or starting your Car? Locksmith on Wheels can handle your key/lock/ignition problems.

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Our Services

As our brand name indicates, Locksmith On Wheels is a professional locksmith service provider that relies on an outstanding fleet of mobile locksmith units. From our mobile locksmith units that are manned by the finest locksmith technicians in the region, we can offer a wide range of quality locksmith services for home, business, and car owners like you.

Your home is your palace and your most important financial investment. That is why you secure your home with the best security systems possible. Despite your best efforts, you are always at risk of having issues with your home locks and keys. When something happens, you’ll be happy to learn Locksmith On Wheels offers the following locksmith services for homes:

Locksmith Services in Daly City

From your business facility, you sell goods and services to the Daly City community. It’s also the facility from which you create resources you will use to support you and your family. If anything goes awry with your business’ locks or keys, it can cost you time, money, and maybe customers. Locksmith On Wheels can help keep your business open by offering the following commercial locksmith services:

As a Californian, you car is of vital importance in your day-to-day life. If something happens to your car locks, keys, or ignition, it’s bound to create significant issues with you getting where you need to be on time. It’s for that reason that a Daly City locksmith like Locksmith On Wheels can help keep your life on track. Here is a list of the car locksmith Daly City services we provide:

  • Key duplication services for car keys Daly City with or without the original key
  • Unlock car doors for locked keys in car or trunk
  • Rekey locks
  • Repair and replace car door and trunk locks
  • Repair and replace ignition systems
  • Key fob programming and reprogramming
  • Key fob service for fob batteries

Note: If you need services related to car lockout in Daly City or key/lock repair or replacement, we can provide these services for vehicles of all makes, models, and years.

About Our Daly City Locksmith Team

At Locksmith On Wheels, we are proud to serve the people of Daly City because we are a part of the Daly City community. We feel motivated and obligated to do our part to make sure the fine people of Daly City feel safe and always have access to their homes, businesses, and cars.

What sets us apart from the competition is our commitment to being the best locksmith in the region. Because of this commitment, we man our mobile locksmith units with the best locksmith technicians in the area. How do we know they are the best? We hire the best candidates, give them the best training, and provide them with the best tools to ensure they can handle any issue they might encounter when a customer like you calls.

Daly City Locksmith on Wheels

Other Benefits of Using Locksmith On Wheels

In the face of competition, we know we have to do everything faster and better that the other locksmiths in the area. We have a reputation for being one of the best, if not the best, locksmith because of these benefits our customers receive:

  • Regular and emergency services 24/7/365
  • The work is done by highly professional and trained locksmith technicians
  • Our guarantee of customer satisfaction
  • Service prices that will always be fair, competitive, and affordable

Frequently Asked

What can I expect when I place an emergency call to Locksmith On Wheels?

When the emergency call goes out, you can expect a fast response from one of our mobile units. When our locksmith technician arrives, they will immediately assess your emergency and resolve the situation so you can resume what your were doing.

What other cities in the Central California region does Locksmith On Wheels service?

We always keep our mobile units strategically located in and around the following cities: Albany, Berkeley, Danville, Livermore, Pleasanton, San Francisco, San Ramon, Union City, and Walnut Creek.

What will it cost me if I have a car lockout in Daly City?

 If you have any kind of a lockout in Daly City, our prices will depend on several factors. If it’s your car, the make, model, and year could make a price difference. What we can state with certainty is our prices are always fair, competitive and affordable.

What will it cost me if I have a car lockout in Daly City?

 If you have any kind of a lockout in Daly City, our prices will depend on several factors. If it’s your car, the make, model, and year could make a price difference. What we can state with certainty is our prices are always fair, competitive and affordable.

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“Great and prompt service! Kyle was very professional and tech savvy. Got my car up and running in less than 10mins. Very good experience.”

Jonathan J. K.

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“I work for a property management company and every time we need assistance, they respond very quickly. Javier’s customer service is exceptional. Our tenants, and ourselves, are always happy and satisfied and that’s why we continue business with Locksmith on Wheels :)”

Rosy M.

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“I don’t like to leave reviews! Only doing this because of the terrific service I received with “Locksmith on Wheels.” I called to install a new lock on my garage door that leads to my backyard and when Ruben came out he was very empathetic when I told him why I was installing new locks. I appreciate people who still care about other people. Highly recommend them!”

Art M.

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“I need replace three door knobs, Ruben gave itemized quote when we talked then came on time with good service and keep the same price, I definitely will recommend Ruben and use his service again.”

Desyang L.

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