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Locksmith Services in Berkeley, CA

Locks are a fact of life and are found in virtually every home, car, and business. With so many locks in existence, chances are you’ll have an issue with your residential, automotive, or commercial locks at one time or another. Do you live in the Berkeley, California area? Are you having an issue with a lock? The best approach is to hire a professional locksmith in Berkeley to service your needs. We are Locksmith On Wheels, and we offer both walk-in and mobile solutions. Call us, or book us online if it’s not an emergency. We look forward to solving your issue or problem. Here’s what we offer:

Residential Locksmith Services

Your California home is your castle, and it’s important to protect it with professional services and skills. That’s why when you need your locks serviced, our company is here to help. Locksmith On Wheels, an expert locksmith in Berkeley CA, offers a wide variety of services to protect your home including lock installation, repair, and change, as well as rekeying locks and duplicating keys. Do you keep your money, jewelry, important documents, or other materials in a home safe? Are you having trouble with the safe’s lock? When it comes to expert locksmith Berkeley area operators, we have the expertise to service home safes, too.

When comparing professional locksmith Berkeley CA services, we here at Locksmith on Wheels are bonded and insured, and we’re ready to provide every automotive locksmith service you may need for your vehicle, no matter what kind of vehicle you own. Are you locked out of your car? We can get you back in. Do you need an ignition switch replacement? Such a service should only be done by professionals. We know the components and we have the skills to use them. Our other automotive locksmith Berkeley CA services include car key replacements, broken key extraction, duplicating and repairing key fobs, and much more!

Commercial Locksmith Services

It’s important to hire a professional locksmith for your residence, but it’s equally important to rely on experts for your business. Examining the professional locksmith Berkeley operators, you’ll find that Locksmith on Wheels also offers a wide variety of commercial locksmith services. They include office lockouts, managing master key systems, repairing and replacing locks, working with high-security locks, and more.

Emergency Services

Often when you’re having a locksmith problem, you didn’t expect it. A professional locksmith in Berkeley should always offer emergency services, and we’re always ready for those emergencies. It doesn’t matter if you need residential, automotive, or commercial emergency locksmith services, we’re here to help.

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Locked out of your house? We will get you back in without damaging your lock*

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Why Choose Locksmith on Wheels, a Locksmith in Berkeley CA?

Simple! We’re experts at locksmith in Berkeley services! We specialize in traditional key duplication, but we also offer so much more. Are you experiencing a home, office, or car lockout? You can call us at any time in the event of an emergency. If you need your locks changed, we have the correct tools and expertise to do it right. When you re-key a lock, the old lock pins are replaced with new lock pins. Only a professional, like Locksmith On Wheels, should handle such a job. We are a licensed locksmith company as well as a licensed contractor by the California State Licensing Board (CSLB). We offer walk-in customers at our Dublin Blvd location in Dublin, CA as well as mobile locksmith solutions for Berkeley, Pleasanton, San Ramon and Livermore, San Francisco, Albany, Danville, and Walnut Creek. For non-emergencies, feel free to book online. Otherwise, call us, or request a callback. We’ll call you back within 20 minutes!

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Our Expertise

home lockout locksmith in berkeley

If you find yourself locked out of your home or your car, don’t panic! Locksmith on Wheels is a locksmith in Berkeley CA ready to get you back into your residence or your vehicle in such emergencies. We know you can’t predict when things like this happen. That’s why we offer affordable, reliable, and professional locksmith services you can count on.

lock change locksmith in berkeley

There are many reasons why you may wish to change the lock of your Berkeley home or business. For example, maybe you’ve moved into a new home and you’d like to start fresh with new locks? Or maybe your current locks are old and degraded? If you wish to change your locks, it’s always best to contact a professional locksmith in Berkeley to do the job.

locksmith in berkeley Rekey

Did you know that re-keying your locks is cheaper than replacing your locks? Nevertheless, it’s a sophisticated and specialized process to replace the old lock pins with new lock pins that a professional locksmith is trained to do. When you re-key your locks, we at Locksmith on Wheels can configure the pins so that all of your locks use the same key, eliminating the hassle of multiple keys.

locksmith in berkeley duplication of keys

There are many reasons for key duplication including needing a second set, losing a set due to theft, needing copies for tenants or renters, needing copies for employees, and more. When it comes to locksmith Berkeley CA locations, Locksmith on Wheels are experts at key duplications for your home, office, or vehicle, and we’ve been doing it for years.

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