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Increasing Home Robberies Statistics In Pleasanton, CA

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Despite its innocent name, Pleasanton, CA is sometimes anything but “Pleasant”. Don’t get us wrong, the city is a wonderful place to live, with a great culture, amenities attractions and more. But one thing that has plagued the city in recent years is an increase in home robberies.

As a local resident, it is critically important to be aware of this rise in crime so that you can take measures to protect your Pleasanton home, family and belongings from would-be thieves and vandals. By taking a look at recent trends, you can educate yourself on the circumstances surrounding when robberies occur, who the robbers tend to target, and how to best protect yourself.

Pleasanton Robbery Statistics

This guide will take a look at recent home robberies in the area and the trend in increasing rates per capita. There will also be an examination of robbery rates over the last two years, as well as the number of houses robbed annually. As a homeowner, renter or someone considering making the move to Pleasanton, this information could potentially save you and/or your family from a world of heartache.

Home Robberies in Pleasanton

When we think of robberies we often conjure images of thieves in the night, sneaking into residences and looting for their own gain. Yet data suggest that home robberies in and around Pleasanton are now occurring during the daylight hours. Reports include one homeowner who did not answer a knock because she was in the shower was almost robbed while she was at home. 

The would-be burglars ignored many signs that would chase robbers off in the past such as:

  • The homeowner being home at the time
  • Dogs barking from inside the home
  • A security camera on the porch

The robbers only ran off once the homeowner began to scream at them from inside the house. They were able to successfully kick in the door before leaving. It is immensely dangerous to be home during a potential burglary. As more burglaries take place during the day, this chance increases.

This is not a lone case, as a string of robberies kicked off a few months later. Garage doors, back doors, and other openings are being kicked in by the robbers. In other cases, those items that cannot be stolen are vandalized beyond use, likely out of frustration from the thief. 

Robbers rely on social media and common sense to strike when homeowners are away. They often count on work and school routines to case an area for the best time to strike.

Robbery Rates Increase in Past 2 Years

Although crime statistics in Pleasanton are lower than average, they are still on the rise. How many houses are robbed each year? In 2016, there were 44 robberies per 100,000 people. In 2017, this increased to 53, and again to 57 in 2018.

Because robberies are on the rise, it is important to take steps to protect yourself and your property. A home alarm system can automatically alert police when your house is broken into, and a safe can be used to house any valuables. Make sure that you have a deadbolt lock on your door that cannot be easily forced open.

Other steps may help, such as:

  • Keeping lights on
  • Playing the TV loudly
  • Reinforcing windows
  • Not leaving extra keys outside
  • Not leaving notes that say you are out or when you will be back
  • And more…

Unfortunately, some robbers are too brazen to care if people appear to be home. Have a handy escape plan so you can leave the house if you are in danger. Get safe, then call the police.

Pleasanton, CA, Can Still Be Pleasant

There is no denying that the world can be a dangerous place. Criminals that used to wait for dark opportunities now attack in the daylight. With precautions in place, however, homeowners can still protect their property and their families. It is not fun to live life in fear.

Pleasanton CA, Can still be Pleasant

Overall, the town of Pleasanton is a great place to live. By understanding issues such as increasing home robberies and taking action based on this knowledge, you can feel safe and secure. With enough discouragement, robberies may even begin to decline. Criminals do not like low success rates.