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How familiar are you with a key-cutting service in the Bay Area? Did you know that it’s something possible for a residential locksmith to do, even if the key doesn’t have a transponder?

To put it plainly, a car key cutting service entails copying one or more keys that are a replica of the one you already own, or owned. If the previous key was embedded to work on a computer system that’s built into a vehicle, the new one must be rekeyed to do the same.

Locksmith On Wheels in San Francisco CA can rekey locks, cut car keys, and duplicate keys that are no longer in your possession. If you’re in the San Francisco area, be sure to give them a call when the need arises.

It’s important that you only use the services of locksmiths that have a good reputation in the areas they work in. The best way to learn this is from reading what previous customers have said about the company and understanding the services you require. If key cutting is one of them, you’ll want to know all there is about the procedure. To help you with this, here is some general info about key copy services.

What Keys Are Able to Be Cut?

Key Cutting and Car Key Fob Services

As an advantage to the average customer, most car keys can be cut by locksmiths. Here are some of them and a summary of each:

  • Key fobs and remote keys – Key duplication wouldn’t be complete if locksmiths weren’t able to make copies of key fobs. Key fobs are increasingly found on car models, particularly those made over the past decade. As you might have questioned, the act of key cutting can no longer be taken literally, thanks to advances in technology. Remote keys are very common keys, so if your key fob needs replacing for an exact copy that you had before, it’s possible to have a locksmith carry this out for you.
  • Ordinary keys – These are keys that most people think about when requesting a locksmith, and one that the majority of car owners possess. Every San Francisco car locksmith can duplicate these, using materials that make it faster for them to do than a key fob. A car key replacement, for example, can be carried out by a residential locksmith if need be. Once called, they’ll ask for things like the model and year of your vehicle. If you have just a normal key, the locksmith on call could have it ready for you to take, even before arriving at your destination. Remember, these are the kind of keys that have no way to unlock a car remotely, not a trait commonly found on most new vehicles.
  • Keys with transponders – A transponder is a tracking device that is commonly put on keys made by vehicle manufacturers beginning in the late 1990s. They’re easy to replace, with only key fobs being their successors.
  • Keys that are broken – Key cutting service doesn’t have to be taken advantage of only when there’s an emergency. It can be something as simple as needing some extras for an upcoming trip, where you would like another member of your household to carry a spare. Measures like this can prevent emergencies from happening, so preventative maintenance regarding your keys is strongly recommended.

This list isn’t exhaustive. There are plenty more keys and scenarios that would call for key-cutting service. It could happen if your keys were stolen, for instance. Unfortunately, theft takes place all the time, especially with vehicles. And since vehicles are easy to break into if someone else has possession of your keys, you would want to move fast in such a situation. Another scenario would be if the keys suddenly broke off in the ignition or door lock.

Although keys are strong, they’re not perfect, and a default in the design of one or bending them can result in it breaking off inside something you intend to use it for. But what about if you’re locked out of the car?

Since locksmiths can create a replica of what you have inside the interior, it’s easy for them to use a freshly-made spare for you to open your car door. After that, you could even keep the one that was made.

What You Should Expect From a California Auto Locksmith

Frankly, it doesn’t matter which state or region of the country you’re in. You should expect the same service from a California auto locksmith as you would anywhere else.

First comes punctuality. You never know when you’re going to lose your car keys. It could be late in the evening or at night, in an area of the city that you’re unfamiliar with. In this situation, your only choice is to contact a locksmith capable of meeting up with you during these hours.

Thankfully, plenty of them do business at night in San Francisco. You’ll want to ensure that whoever makes a new set of keys for you, locksmith or dealership, can give them to you as fast as possible. In most cases, the auto mobile locksmith would be the quickest.

Where Key Cutting Service is Done

The first one is obviously at a locksmith company. Some also market themselves as mobile locksmiths, or something similar. Plenty abounds, though some are trusted and relied upon more often than others. They’ll drive to you, whether you’re at home or stranded somewhere else in the city.

Key duplication is their primary duty to people these days, though some may also have alternative services like repairing locks, replacing them, or other car and home-based services. Your insurance policy might also cover it, though many plans don’t. If you’re not sure, talk to your provider to see if what you’re paying for offers something that can help you get new keys during an emergency.

The dealership where you bought your vehicle might offer a similar plan. Still, you’ll want to check beforehand since services could expire after you’ve had the car for a while.

Key Cutting Service and Locksmith on Wheels Vehicle

Get Key Cutting Done by a Service You Can Trust

Regardless of where you are in San Francisco, our mobile locksmith team at Locksmith On Wheels is out there ready and willing to help you get new keys to your car. And service doesn’t stop with keys, either. You can acquire a new key fob, transponder, or house key to your residence while you’re at it.

A mobile locksmith is the best option for most, with faster times between key duplication and getting to your location than many other options.