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8 Reasons That You Should Replace Your Lock


Your lock is the first line of defense you have to protect your home, business, assets, belongings, and most importantly, your loved ones. The right lock can improve accessibility, increase security, deter would-be criminals, and provide peace of mind.

But there are times when you need to consider replacing your lock, and for good reason. The most common reason to replace a lock on a door is that the lock is broken. But, broken locks aren’t the only reason that locks should be replaced. Even if your lock isn’t in disrepair, there are many other situations that may call for a lock replacement.

You Moved To a New Home

One of the things that most people forget to do is replace their locks after moving to a new home. Many people forget that, after you purchase a new house, not only do the old owners still have the key, but the realtor that sold you the house has a key as well. Replacing your lock after a new move is extremely important as failing to do so puts you at risk for an unsolicited realtor or former owner visit. Not everybody can be trusted to stay within their boundaries! Furthermore, you never know how many other people have copies of that same key; for example, the former owner’s children, family, neighbors, or friends. 

You Lost Your Keys

Losing a key is never as simple as just getting a replacement key. Whether you lost the key to your house, office, or even a safe, that lost key is bound to end up in the hands of a stranger. It is always safer to avoid a future break-in or controversy by simply replacing the lock altogether, and starting fresh with a brand new key! 

There Was a Recent Break-In

Unwanted intruders are one of the top reasons that your locks need to be replaced. Even if the intruder broke into your home without the use of that key you had stuffed under the mat, you never know what their future plans are. Many burglaries do not end at the point of the break-in; for there is always a chance that they found your extra key and made copies for their friends. Replacing the locks immediately after a break-in will prevent any further unsafe activity when it comes to break-ins. 

Someone Moved Out

Especially if you own property that you use to rent to others, it is important that every lock is replaced after someone moves out. Replacing the locks after a tenant leaves prevents them from being able to get back in as well as any other unauthorized visitors that could walk in after the lease is up. Once again, keys are known for getting copied and passed out to family members and friends. 

Divorce or Break Up

Sometimes divorce or a break up can end in an ugly way, so replacing the locks to your home is an important step to knowing that you will remain safe. Even if the relationship ended on a civil note, your ex may still think that they have the right to barge in at any time without warning..even if they are just collecting the rest of their things. Replacing your locks will also draw a thick boundary line that requires them to ask your permission to enter your home. So, eliminate that stress before it starts by replacing your locks to stay as safe as possible! 

Lifestyle Change

Not all locks are a one size fits all product; in other words, sometimes there are situations that call for a particular kind of lock that is able to be used by people who struggle with disabilities. Even if the situation is a temporary one such as a broken wrist or arm, replacing your lock with one that is best for your current situation will take away that anxiety of not being able to get through the door. 

Design Update

Old or Worn Out Locks

The locks on your doors are not everlasting products. Especially because they are being used multiple times every day, it is easy for them to get worn out quickly. Most people neglect to understand that the more you use something, the more worn out and damaged it gets. And when it comes to your doors, the locks are most likely the first thing to go. It is never a bad idea to replace those locks every few years, even just out of caution. 

Closing Thoughts

If any of the above situations sound familiar, you should likely consider replacing your lock. For your own safety or to improve accessibility to your home or business, replacing your locks can improve the look of your entryway while providing a number of benefits.