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Benefits of Using a Keypad Lock

The Advantages of Using a Keypad Door Lock System 

Your home is your castle, and the lock on your door reflects how secure your humble abode is from would-be intruders, thieves and more. Your home is a place of refuge where you and your family should feel safe and be able to relax without the worry of a break-in.

High-quality locking mechanisms such as a keypad lock are paramount to enhancing home security while also offering a whole host of other benefits. Yet despite the importance of keypad and other locks, many homeowners give little ongoing thought to the quality of their locking systems.

No matter how safe your neighborhood is, the unfortunate truth is that, according to the FBI crime statistics website, break-ins happen every 20 seconds all across the US. Read on to learn more about how a keypad lock can help with security and more.

Keypad Lock’s Benefits

There has been an increasing trend of individuals making the switching from the use of doorknobs to the use of keypad locks, and with good reason. If you have been considering making the switch yourself but, are unsure if updating from the common doorknob to a keypad lock is the right move for you, take a look at the following benefits of using a keypad lock before deciding.



Let’s start with the most common benefit: a smooth and keyless entry. Keypad locks eliminate the need for cluttered and confusing keychains that are always a struggle to find. 

We’ve all been there, hands full of bags and groceries, frantically trying to get the keys out of your pocket or negotiate the key into that little hole in the door without dropping anything. 

Having the ability to simply punch in a code can be a lifesaver. 

Furthermore, most people tend to have keys to several places other than their home, so the stress of finding that one key on your keychain is a very real ordeal when using a simple doorknob. Keypad locks also eliminate the panicked anxiety of trying to get inside your home late at night. This is especially true for those who live in areas with high crime. Using a keypad lock ensures you can get inside quickly and safely.


Keyless electronic locks are every intruder’s worst nightmare. They are virtually impossible to crack and there is little to no chance a potential intruder will guess the code that unlocks your door. 

Potential intruders are often turned off by any sort of security that involves the use of a special code. As such, the use of a keypad lock acts as a natural deterrent and provides a stronger sense of safety in your home. 

You may be familiar with the typical credit card trick where you can jiggle a card through the door until it unlocks without a key, and that is a trick that is only successful with some traditional doorknob locking mechanisms. With keypad locks, there is essentially no way to break into your home without knocking down the entire door.


Keypad locks also save you from wondering where all of those lost keys went and whose hands they ended up in. In addition to this, keypad locks eliminate the potential of unwanted people such as ex-husbands, wives, or former roommates or tenants using their old keys to get back in. With a keypad lock, there is no “key” for them to steal or copy. This means that you won’t have to invest in updating your locks and deadbolts. All you have to do is change or update the code.


Speaking of lost or stolen keys, keypad locks can potentially save you a bundle of money as it does not require the need to make a copy of any key or device for multiple people to use. Especially for folks that have several kids of all ages, one secret security code is all you need to enter the home. As long as that code stays within the realms of the home, there is no need to waste money on making yet another copy of a lost key. Another way that keypad locks save you money is that they eliminate the need for a locksmith, which can end up being a costly consequence of a broken doorknob. 


Another great benefit is that keypad locks have codes that are easily able to be changed. This comes in handy in situations such as pet sitting, house sitting, or even simply asking a neighbor to run into your home and grab an item that you forgot to grab. In situations such as family vacations where neighbors and friends are required to enter your home, it is extremely easy to simply change the security code once you have arrived back home. On top of that, there is no need to ever change the entire lock like you may have to do with the use of a doorknob. 


High-quality keypad locks installed by a professional locksmith need virtually no maintenance and almost never need to be replaced. 

With traditional keyed entries, the constant use of keys entering a lock causes friction and wear over time. Mechanical degradation and wear from use, age, and the elements can result in failure to secure the premises. 

Old mechanical locks often require the use of a key oil that can be purchased and squirted into the lock, loosening things up and allowing the key to turning again. Keypad locks, by contrast, do not wear out like the common doorknob, so you never have to worry about being locked out. 


Some homeowners are under the impression that installing a keypad lock requires them to adjust or replace their entire door. This is false. A professional locksmith will be able to install your new keypad lock with no further adjustments needed to your existing doorway. 

Another common misconception about keypad locks is that they require an external power source in order to use. If this is one of your fears, then you’re in luck! Not all keypad locks require this type of technology as battery-powered and mechanical keypad locks are available wherever locks are sold! 

Closing Thoughts about Keypad Locks

Keypad locks, when installed by a professional locksmith, can offer a range of benefits, from improved accessibility to enhanced security and safety. If you are in the market or considering a keyless entry, reach out to us today to learn more about how we can help. We’d love to hear from you.